Ed Harris
Ed Harris in "Apollo 13"
In the fall of 1984, I was standing in our dressing room at the Grand Ole Opry,
when a guy walked over and struck up a conversation. We had just performed
and he said, "I enjoyed your performance. You play really well." I thanked him
for his comments and made some small talk, all the time trying to figure out
where I had met him before. He could have been a friend of a friend, but I
couldn't quite place him. He mentioned that he was from L.A., and he looked
awfully familiar-
After he left, one of my band-mates came over and said, "I just saw Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard out in the
hall. They're here doing research on her role in a new film. Hey, you know who you were talking to, don't you?" I
said "no". He said, "That was Ed Harris. He played John Glenn in "The Right Stuff", and there's a new HBO movie
he's starring in."

He was right. The actors were checking out the Opry to prepare for their roles in "Sweet Dreams", the life story
of Patsy Cline. And although I hadn't seen "The Right Stuff", I remembered that I had seen Ed Harris in an HBO
movie in which he played a mercenary soldier, and just a couple of weeks before. He was so unassuming; it never
dawned on me that he looked so familiar was because I'd seen him on TV.