Grandpa Jones
One early morning in the fall of 1980, we pulled our tour bus into the huge Opryland complex to tape our first
guest spot on "Hee Haw" at 9:00 am. We'd travelled all night and hadn't had time to stop at a hotel, so I had to
shave and freshen up in the backstage bathroom. (There's nothing more luxurious than drying your freshly shaven
face with brown industrial paper towels.) As I dropped the wet paper towels down the trash slot below the
dispenser, I accidentally dropped my new razor, too. Thinking that maybe I was lucky enough for the razor to have
landed on top of the dirty towels where I could still reach it, I carefully snaked my arm through the slot. I was in
all the way up to my shoulder, fishing around, when Grandpa Jones walked in behind me. He walked up behind me,
pulled a fresh paper towel out of the dispenser and said, "Here son, use a clean one. They're free."