Pennies from Heaven
We stayed in a lot of high-rise hotels. In the middle, there's usually an open area that contains the lobby, a coffee shop, and
sometimes a second, more formal restaurant. The walkways to the rooms overlook this open area, and the juvenile side of me
always wanted to drop something from the upper floors. Of course, the adult side always intervenes, saying, "No can do.
Might hurt or anger someone." One day it dawned on me that there is something you could drop that wouldn't hurt anyone or
make them angry. Dollar bills. ($5 bills are even better)

We waited until the lobby and restaurants were packed at lunchtime, and dropped some dollars from about the sixth floor.
We wanted to be down close enough to see the reaction, and in every case, it was a good one. A dollar would flitter down
and land on someone's table, sometimes even in their food. They'd look at it, then look up. Pretty soon, they'd be laughing.
After eight or ten dollars, we had most of the restaurant looking straight up, while still trying to eat.

A few days later at the Dallas Hyatt, we tried a variation. Danny waited in the lobby while I dropped a $20 bill from above. He
discreetly kept his eye on it as it flittered down, and kept strolling to keep himself under it. As it got to about head height, he
reached up and snatched it out of the air, snapped it with a crisp "pop", then ambled away, tucking into his breast pocket. His
demeanor was very relaxed, as if $20 bills fell from the sky all the time, and catching them was a normal part of his daily

The reaction from the folks nearby was great. They'd stand frozen, staring at him, look up for a few seconds, then back at
Danny as he strolled off. Then they'd look up again. They weren't quite sure whether they were witnesses to a crime or a
miracle, but you could see "Why not me?" written all over their faces.