Sometimes a practical joke just presents itself, and it's hard to resist. One morning, I woke up on the bus, picked up my hotel
room key and rooming list from the bus table, and headed off to find my room. Wandering around the hotel for about 20
minutes, I couldn't seem to find the floor with my room number. Finally, I went to the front desk and asked, and the guy said,
"Oh, that's out in the new annex section, next to the tennis courts." So, I trudged out to the annex, found the room, and
opened the door. There was one king-size bed, and Jim's briefcase was on it, so after all that, I realized that I was still in the
wrong room. (because of his constant phone use, Jim was the only one in the band who roomed alone)

By this point, I was getting uncomfortable. Physically uncomfortable. We'd spent the night on the bus, bouncing down the
highway, and I'd been up walking around for a half-hour. By now, I had a serious breakfast burrito that was honkin' for the
right-of-way, and there was no way I was gonna make it back to the lobby restroom.

I borrowed Jim's bathroom, and had a unique idea. It dawned on me that Jim wouldn't know that I had been in his room. So
after finishing my business and the obligatory paperwork, I neglected to flush. Instead, I closed the lid, and carefully replaced
the paper ring that says, "Sanitized for your Protection". I slipped out, and went off in search of my lost room.