Hoffner Haus Studio
Audio Gear-

Computer #1:
G4 Dual Processor PowerMac w/1 gig of RAM, two 80 gig HD's, one 200 gig HD, housed in an
Isobox system by Sound Construction, Nashville.
Software: Digital Performer 3.11, Altiverb,
Spectrasonics Atmosphere, misc. plug-ins, Final Cut Express 2, iDVD 4, Toast Titanium 5.

Computer #2:
Custom-built Carillon Gigastudio PC w/2 gigs of RAM, one 80 gig system HD, two 120 gig
sample HD's in a RAID-0 configuration, running GS3.1 w/Gigapulse

Audio Hardware:
MOTU MTP midi interface - MOTU 828 audio interface - Akai S5000 Sampler - Akai S3000
Samplers Akai S2800 Sampler - Alesis ML-9600 Masterlink - Korg Wavestation synths (2)
-Yamaha TX802 synth - Roland D-70 synth - Yamaha DX7IIFD synth - Roland XV-5050 synth -
Kawai MP9500 MIDI Controller - ART Pro MPA Mic Pre - DBX 160x compressor - Lexicon LXP-5
processor - Rolls RA60 headphone amp - Lawson L-47 MP Tube Mic - AKG 414 ULS mic - Royer
SF1 Ribbon mic - Crown PZM mics (2) - Shure SM57 - Tascam DA-30 DAT Recorder - Canopus
ADVC-100 converter - Great River ME-1NV Mic Pre - Tascam DM-24 Digital Mixer - Mackie
HR816 powered monitors - Auratone 5c monitors - Hafler DH200 power amp - Lexicon LXP-1
processor - AKG 240 headphones (5) - AKG 270 DF headphones

David Hoffner has created an extensive custom sample library, he also uses the following
commercial libraries:

Sonic Implant Symphonic Strings
Vienna Symphonic Library - Opus I
Vienna Symphonic Library - French Oboe
Vienna Symphonic Library - Chamber Strings
Vienna Symphonic Library - Solo Strings
Veinna Symphonic Library - Epic Horns
Miroslav Vitous Orchestral Library
Advanced Orchestra Brass
Project Sam Horns
London Orchestral Percussion
Spectrasonics Symphony of Voices
Hans Zimmer Guitars I & II
Distorted Reality
Zero G Datafile I, II, & III
Xsample Classical Harp
Liquid Groove
Skippy's Big Bad Beats
Advanced Orchestra Percussion
Mellotron Archives
Hollywood Edge Sound Effects
X-static Goldmine
Clearmountain Drums I & II
Synclavier Strings
Denny Jaeger Strings
Synclavier World Percussion
Supreme Beats I & II
Armando Borg Percussion
Big Fish Celtic Instruments
Sampletekk Black Grand Piano
Malmsjo Acoustic Grand Piano
Post "Old Lady" Grand Piano
East-West Ultimate Pianos I & II
Coakley Perfect Piano
Spectrasonics Bass Legends
Classical Choir
Vintage Time Traveler
Wizoo Magnetica Keyboards
Post Accordians
Pipa & Liquin
Chinese Percussion
The Legend of China

Note from Dave:

Recording gear and sample libraries are good tools, but it's when great musicians play that
the real magic happens. One of the best aspects of working in Nashville is the availability of
some of the best studio musicians in the world. Over the last 25 years, I've played with
and/or recorded most of them, and here's a list of some of the musicians who've recorded at
Hoffner Haus:

Mark Casstevens - guitars, banjo, harmonicas, jawharp, mandolin
David Davidson - violin, (concertmaster, Nashville Chamber Orchestra)
Mary Catherine VanOsdale - violin (concertmaster, Nashville Symphony Orch.)
David Angell - violin
Pam Sixfin - violin
Kris Wilkinson - viola, string section leader
John Catchings - cello
Jim Hoke - sax, harmonicas, recorders, clarinet
Farrell Morris - percussion
Reggie Young - electric guitar, electric sitar
Mike Brignardello - bass
Carmen Acciaioli - steel guitar, dobro
Leslie Norton - french horn (principle horn, Nashville Symphony Orch.)
Billy Huber - trombone, euphonium
Beth Nielson-Chapman - vocals
Robbie Shankle - piccolo, flute, oboe, english horn, clarinet, bass clarinet
John Mock - guitars, pennywhistle
Jeff Taylor - accordian
Joey Miskulin - accordian
Rob Hajacas - fiddle
Andy Reiss - guitars
Hoot Hester - fiddle, mandolin
Peter Rowan - vocals, guitar, mandola
Hank Singer - fiddle, mandolin
Kenny Malone - percussion, drums
Butch Baldassari - mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, mandacello
Mike Chapman - bass
Neil Rosengarden - trumpet
Sam Bacco - percussion (principle percussionist, Nashville Symphony Orch.)
Mickey Raphael - harmonica (longtime Willie Nelson sideman)
Marianne Osiel - oboe, english horn (Nashville Symphony Orch.)
Bobby Taylor - oboe, english horn (principle oboe, Nashville Symphony Orch.)
Gary Talley - guitar (The Box Tops)
Jeff Hanna - vocals (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
John McEuen - banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
Michael Martin Murphey - vocals, guitar, banjo
Bill Miller - vocals, guitar, Indian flute, percussion
Gene Wooten - dobro
Sonny Garrish - dobro, steel guitar, pedabro
Jim Ed Norman - keyboards, arranger, producer (The Eagles, etc.)
Roy Huskey, Jr. - bass
Richard Bennett - guitars, ukes, anything with strings-
Brent Holmes- vocals, guitar
Mike Haynes - trumpet, piccolo trumpet
Leona Williams- vocals
Ron Williams - vocals
Dave Kirby - guitars
Wade Hayes- vocals, guitar
Tommy Cash - vocals, guitar
Glen Worf - bass
Jeff King - guitars
Cynthia Estill - bassoon
Hal Bynum- vocals
Chris Leuzinger- guitars
David Coe - fiddle, mandolin
Terry Crisp - steel guitar
Billy Puett - flutes, clarinet, sax, bass clarinet, ethnic flutes
Buddy Spicher - fiddle
Judy Rodman - vocals
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Scout (studio manager)
Hoffner Haus was built from the ground up as a composer's studio, with acoustics and
aesthetics as the primary design goals. A comfortably live and diffuse room, it is optimized and
tuned for
acoustic instruments and vocals. The monitor/control room combination is very accurate, with
an impressively low ambient noise floor. Large windows provide natural light and a view of the
Tennessee countryside that are both inspiring and relaxing. The acoustic design includes tuned
Helmholtz resonators as well as diffusers and traditional absorptive foam. Soundproofing
includes resilient channel construction, floating walls, and studio-quiet HVAC.