Where there's Smoke, There's Water
At a novelty shop in Wisconsin, we picked up a good trick. It used an empty Bic butane lighter, and a hypodermic syringe.
The syringe was used to refill the lighter with water, and if you forced enough water into the lighter, it could shoot a thin
stream of water 15-20 feet when the button was depressed.

The lighter was white, so we looked around the bus to see if any of the smokers used a white lighter. Randy, our driver, had
one, so when he went into a truck stop to buy cigarettes, we pulled the old switchamaroo, and told the rest of the group. He
came back out, sat down in the driver's seat, and put a cig in his mouth. Just before flicking his lighter, he noticed the whole
band staring at him, and froze.

"Oh no, you're not gonna get me with one of your tricks!" He looked at the end of his cigarette, checking for an explosive
load, but there was none. He very carefully dissected the entire cigarette, with a bus full of musicians laughing and taunting
him. The poor guy was now so paranoid, that he took out a second cigarette and completely destroyed it, as well, to even
louder laughter and jeering.

Finally, he put a third cigarette in his mouth, saying, "Oh well, if you guys want to get me, I guess there's no stopping you."
With that, he picked up his lighter and pressed the button, squirting himself in the face.